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Hola! It’s nice out again. Meaning the sky is blue, the sun is bright, and it’s already almost 40 degrees outside at 7:15 am. It’s actually supposed to get above 60 out there today.

Man, I miss having an outdoor job.

Anyway. Keeping it brief, I thought I’d go with a college moment, since gods know there’s plenty of material there. And the sad truth is, on Halloween night my junior year I did shots of Black Haus out of votive candleholders, because I had plenty of those, and no shot glasses. (Or dishes of any sort beyond a striped teacup big enough to hold about a quart of Celestial Seasonings English Toffee.) I started with a full bottle, and ended with an empty one of those and another empty one of Absolut Currant, offered by one of the many dorm-mates who came in to throw back approximately 2 oz of 80 proof schnapps with little bits of aromatheraputic wax floating at the top.

My costume, invented on the fly, was dubbed The F**ked-Up Fall Fairy (working title), and involved coat hangers, medical gauze, hot glue, fabric paint applied to skin instead of fabric, and a truly shameless amount of hairspray. All of which was still there the next morning, when I woke up wondering why I was on the floor.

f-d up fall fairy girl

Kids, don’t try this at home.

Not really sure how I survived myself, sometimes.