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Drinking: Gatorade

Listening to: What Do I Do Right (Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, and if you haven’t heard it, well, what are you waiting for? It’s awesome.)

Working on:

  1. Sword blurb possibly for this blog
  2. Sword possible additional scenes
  3. WIP5, Chapter 3, Wherein Darcy Revisits Her Dark Past

(ok, I don’t have chapter titles, but it looked momentarily cool)

I had several weirdly vivid dreams at the end of the morning, doubtless due to a very stupid decision last night involving a cautiously measured measly 10 milligrams of Benadryl, the bane of my waking existence.

Does anyone else outright pass out on the tiniest speck of that stuff? I mean, WTH? I am absolutely comatose after one pill. I almost didn’t get up at all.

Anyway. After discovering Habitable Planet X in my Raptor and heading back to the Galactica to report the good news (I am possibly a bit too involved in this last season of BSG), graduating manga cum laude from college,Β  going to my hometown’s Big Ol’ Bean Supper and saving a choking toddler by performing the heimlich, I rolled over, smacked the evil snooze button of doom one more time, and dreamed that I had the perfect title for this latest WIP.

And I don’t just mean catchy. I mean that amazing, astounding, mesmerizingly perfect title that means not only do you get an agent on your first query, you get a publisher on your first sub, and your Amazon sales ranking is in the top ten before the book is even in print, and Oprah adds it to her Book Club before she’s even read it. That good. The kind of good that makes you skeptical even in your sleep.

Yeah, I forgot it.