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So here I am, writing two novels at the same time…

Well, not literally at the same time. I’ve managed to limit myself to one a day, thus far. The lunch hour I end up switching between the two may be the lunch hour I get carted off to the nearest padded room. It’s a pain in the ass, and sooner or later I’m going to be forced to choose one to work on and shelf the other, because my neurons just don’t fire this way naturally.

But I am elbow-deep for the nonce and going strong, if getting my secondary characters mixed up on a daily basis can be called strong. And I’m at least getting some interesting comparisons out of this debacle.

Book the first, a YA fantasy bordering on comedy of manners, is my usual choice for POV, a very closely limited third. One head per scene, two narrators total (so far), enough intimacy that I have the same plotting limitations as 1st, but with that lovely hint of narrative distance that gives me a slightly unreliable narrator. –Only slightly.

Book the second, an edgy UF with nearly the same vocabulary I had in my last few years of college (i.e., the word fuck may be used as filler when you’re not sure what to say, and I confess 8 years out of college I still think that’s more elegant than um), is a POV I haven’t written since high school, which is to say first person. It feels easier, mostly because I don’t need to work for intimacy –and after years of writing in 3rd, that feels pretty weird — but I really have to work to get enough distance for that faint sense of unreliability.

And I like my MCs to be a little unreliable: I want you to know a little more about them than they do, I want you to see where they’re screwing their lives up long before they figure it out. I want you shouting you’re going the wrong way! I want the intimacy that makes you wince when they get kicked in the face, and I want the perspective that warns you something like that is coming when the character herself has no idea.

And while we’re at it, I want that cake over there please.

Interesting to be writing these in tandem. Stupid, and likely to fry my poor little brain in the long run, but… interesting.