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Well here we are again, at Friday, and I’m trying to think of something suitably cringe-worthy that I’m still willing to admit to hundreds of strangers I may one day meet on a bus, in a casino in Vegas, or at a conference or something. It’s a fine line.

But, sad to say, I have an endless supply of things cringe-worthy. In fact I come up with new ones on a fairly regular basis. So far as I can tell, getting older seems to be mostly about discovering and accepting a steady drift from the concept of “normal”.

What the hell, though, right? Weird is more fun anyway. Since this is a blog about writing (and Her Dogginess) and I mostly post about the vagaries of being a writer (and the occasional vagaries of being one of the Chosen Servants of Her Dogginess), I thought I’d try to come up with something at least semi-writing-related. Harder than one might think: this is a profession where almost anything goes, so long as it gets you where you’re going and doesn’t leave you or anyone else bleeding, standing naked in the street, or wandering through the nearest mall accosting strangers and asking how they feel about the possibility of vampire aliens.

Which makes it hard to come up with something that seems out of the ordinary, and I had to resort to strange habits.

I constantly highlight and click while reading anything on the screen. I have no idea why, and half the time I don’t even know I’m doing it, but thus far there isn’t anyone who has been exposed to it for more than a minute that wasn’t driven bonkers by it.

So there it is. Nothing terribly exciting about that: no dancing-nekkid rituals to get over writer’s block, no gory sacrifices before starting a new WIP, not even weird people-watching habits (though that does, I admit, sound kind of fun.)

I’ll try to think of something more interesting next week.