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WARNING: minor rant ahead. Snark level is ORANGE today.

You know how every once in a while you see something that just make your teeth ache?

I don’t know when it started to be grammatical mistakes for me. I’m pretty positive I didn’t care about this stuff in college, or after graduating. I might have laughed at it, but I didn’t growl. I growl now. Like a cornered she-wolf on crack, I growl.

Not for every grammatical error, or even the majority of them: hell, I doubt I could stand to read my own drafts if that were the case. Just – you know – those ones you see, oh,  EVERYWHERE, from the email your coworker sent to the billboard on the highway. They’re not funny any more. They’re barely ignorable. I wince. And, as previously mentioned, growl. Or at least moan a little and wish I had paintball gun and the author in my sights.

Did I get this way after writing novel 1? Novel 2? The umpteenth draft of either of them? The 5th critiqued novel? Something to do with writing synopses? It must have to do with editing somehow. I had a professor who got a little rabid over similar things, so possibly it’s just an occupational hazard.

My favorites:

bussideMisplaced apostrophe’s.

I understand that it’s vs. its can be a hard one, and I admit I screw it up far too often despite knowing how it’s (heh) supposed to work – but hot damn, what is it about things like “CD’s”, “want’s” – even, for the love of all things sacred and sane, “hurt’s”?

Worse still, quotation marks for “emphasis”.  I have no idea what the reasoning bquotationfailehind that one is. It’s absolutely unfathomable. (and thank you, Failblog, for the perfect pic.)


Ok. I’m going to stop there. I have to. Feel free to add your own.

It hurt’s just to “type” those.