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Listening to: Ludovico Einaudi’s Giorni Dispari. Stunning piece of music, BTW.

Drinking: Fetzer’s Geverztraminer. Yum.

Working on: WIP #4, working title Dowser. Yes, that title will indeed change when I come to my senses. Worry not. I know it’s horrible.

Reading: Self-Editing for the Fiction Writer, for like the umpteenth time.


/excitement. Can you stand it?


I asked Her Dogginess to take the helm for a while. I wanted to see how hard it actually is to curl up on the rug with a peanutbutter-filled Kong and try to yelp and kick over a bookshelf every time the neighbor’s dog startles me awake.

So far I think she has the better end of the deal, but she seems to be enjoying herself.


See that innocent face? You’d never guess she rearranged all my sticky notes and hid the paperclips.

And here, it’s perfectly clear she got into the sauce. Tart.