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So ‘m going to start a new blogarific tradition for myself: Confession Friday. Doubtless I can trace this impulse back to Sunday school, which I think I last attended at the age of seven. We learned about confession around then, and I remember being so freaked out by the thought of trying to list every wrong thing I’d ever done that a third grade writing assignment to write about something I did that I was sorry for that week somehow morphed into a massive list of All Things Bad About Me, prompting Mrs. Ireland to call my mother and ask if everything was ok.

It was a hell of a list, I will say that.

Since church hasn’t been anywhere on the menu for – oh – 22 years, I figure I can tweak this concept a bit for the purposes of this blog: I’ll try to think of something that makes me cringe but that I am nonetheless not sorry for. (This has the added benefit of opening up the field, since there are far more things I am not sorry for than things I am sorry for.)

Anyway. Thing the First……(drumroll)……I love Star Trek TOS.

confession-youth Yes, I am cringing. And I am not sorry. None of the rest of the Star Treks did it for me, but I think Kirk was hilarious, if often unintentionally, and Spock was ultra-cool. I like the idea of Vulcans. The Federation sounds like the old League of Nations, if it had ever actually gone anywhere. And they could never figure out if Science was blue or gold, command was gold or blue, medical was blue, gray, or whatever – but if you were wearing red at the beginning of an episode, you could be pretty sure you were gonna die in the first 15 minutes or the last 15 minutes.

A further confession: I actually read (and occasionally re-read) the books. And yes, quite a lot of them suck, and some of then suck so hard they are indeed pretty damned funny. But some of them are quite good. So there.

I got to thinking about this after I ran across the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in weeks: I spit tea all over my monitor reading this thing, and realized that I could agree with it completely while still enjoying the show, the books, and the ideas behind them. I am not the dressing-up-in-Star-Fleet-uniforms type of Trekkie, but I guess I am a Trekkie.

[insert unapologetic cringe]

So, feel free to add your own. Welcome to Confession Friday.