Absolute Write is down, and I am going a little nuts.

Y’know, I tried chats way back in college, when the smiley face was just a handful of punctuation marks on someone’s keyboard and the notion of uploading an image onto the internet was a little insane. (Don’t look at me that way; it really wasn’t that long ago. I’m not even 30 yet.) I hated the chat groups. I just didn’t get it.  I think the attempt lasted all of three days before I went back to using that wonderful thing called email to write to my friends in annoying iambic pentameter verse and taking most of my notes with an actual pen.

And here I am an undisclosed number of years later with a blog, a Facebook account, a Twitter account I update obsessively, several daily feeds, a few Google alerts, and membership to a few  forums where I blundered all over the boards for a bit before I figured out that weird little word netiquette and started paying attention to stuff.

AW has been down for about a day and already I’m forlorn and slightly twitchy. Amazing how fast I went from largely unplugged to an  addict.