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So much to do, and, as always, so little brainpower at 6:45 in the am with which to decide.  Do I…

1) Start prematurely plotting out revisions of WIP #2, which now has beta comments and publisher comments that are meant for WIP #1 but are very relevant to #2, but has still more comments coming, and which I already have many, many ideas for?

2) Start building character arcs and preliminary scenes for WIP #3, which has a fairly complete outline and is pitching small tantrums at having been ignored this long?

3) Create an outline for WIP #4, which has a first scene, the beginning of a second scene, an inordinate amount of research to be used in some non-lecturly fashion, and a totally badass sort-of-antiheroine whose journey to the not-so-anti side of that equation should prove pretty fascinating?

4) Go to work and think about how much I want to do all of this during the day rather than before 7:00 am and after 5:00 pm?

Ugh. There’s math in here somewhere, I’m sure of it.