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It appears I’ve been tagged by Sarah Eve Kelly, fellow AW-er, Twitterer, and historical fiction authoress extraordinaire: which in fact does not mean that a girlfriend clipped me upside the head with a dodgeball during PE, nor that one of my male classmates got hold of my braid as they were running by during recess, nor even that a sibling kicked me in the shin and ran off at warp two -no no, this is an internet thing. Dignified. Viral. Meme. I’m learning that word. Good fun, and I don’t acquire bruises, lose hair, or have to run anywhere, and nobody hits anybody.

And yes, my childhood did involve mild, PG-13 rated violence not suitable for the fainthearted, and I enjoyed almost every second of it. So there.

Anyway. 6 things that make me happy, I am required to produce, and then I have to tag 6 others. So there must be quite a few people coming up with these lists right now, and in an hour or two the internets should be brimming with happiness and virtual dodgeballs. Here are mine, in no particular order…

Thing The First: -Well, sex. I mean, really, go on and raise your hand if this isn’t somewhere in your top five. Let’s not beat around the bush here.

Let’s also not dwell on that phrase overlong. Moving along.

Thing The Second: Naps. I never understood them until college, when it became necessary to make up for three nights without sleep between afternoon classes – but now, oh, naps are wonderful things. Especially when unplanned: curl up on the couch or the bed with too many throw pillows and read ’till your eyes start to lose focus. Wake up with book on face, 90 minutes later, and feel like nothing in your life has ever been rushed or hastened-through. Mmnnn.

Thing The Third: Her Dogginess. Her Dogginess makes me very happy most of the time. She’s always thrilled to see me if we’ve been apart for more than 30 minutes, she makes “rooowaaar” noises at me in varying tones to tell me what thing I have done wrong or right regarding petting, feeding and playing; she will curl up next to me and wrap both paws over my wrist, holding my palm against her head, and fall asleep. Dogs are awesome. My dog is awesomest of all the awesome dogs.

Thing The Fourth: Mr Badass pipe-smoker here. I’m not doing sappy explanations, so don’t wait around for that. Let’s just say I married him and traipse onward merrily, yes? Refer back to Thing The First at your leisure.

Thing The Fifth: Drinking cocktails and playing poker, or dominoes, or, hell, even pictionary, so long as it’s with friends.

Thing The Sixth: Good music. I’m not going to bother specifying, because there’s so much that falls into this category for me I’d be here all night. But music can alter my mood so quickly, draw me in so completely, when it’s good. And it weaves right into my writing, when it’s good. Instant mood-elevator, minus chemicals.

There. Hardly an exhaustive list, but it’s Friday night, I’m one drink down, and slightly sleepy. And now I shall tag:

Nancy Hightower
Justin Morse
Aeryn Kelly
Ralph Pines
Christa Carol

The rules are: link to the person who tagged you, write down your six happy things, write down the rules too, tag six other people and let them know they’re tagged, and let the person who tagged you know your entry is posted.

Dodgeball might have been easier, but hey: I’ve gotten 600 words in so far tonight without breaking a sweat, getting a bruise, or chasing some ten year old boy across a parking lot.