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Some things are just more enjoyable from a slight remove. Blizzards, for instance. See?


nice glow

vs. this-

up close version

Both are lovely, now that I’m in a nice fuzzy robe with tea and slippers and carpets and no windchill. But look closely: there’s a nice little halo effect in the first, and that, my friends, is the effect of a flash popping against glass. Concentric rings of goodness, indicating the picture taker still has all ten fingers and a working nose, not so much the case in exhibit number two, where yours truly was bundled in yeti-like excess but couldn’t operate the camera with gloves on, and couldn’t convince Her Dogginess (who is left out of these due to pulling funny faces at the flash, as is her wont) not to run in gleeful circles at the full extension of her leash, making a stable image something of a challenge.

Still. Pretty snowflakes.

I can say this, of course,ย  because I’m watching them fall from the warm side of the window,ย  and I don’t have to drive anywhere in the forseeable future.