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….which, on the one hand, sucks. Because, you know,  I FINALLY have this great idea that has gotten me unstuck, and now must pause to read copious books on two, possibly three cultures I know next to nothing about, so that I can pick what works, tweak what might work, and permanently alter what doesn’t in order to make it fit into my story.

Good thing I write fantasy, isn’t it. 🙂

..and which, on the other hand, is great, because, well, I’m not stuck any more. Not only am I not stuck, I think I may have something extremely cool to work with here, once I have myself oriented. My character just got far more interesting (and hot), my world just got far more detailed and complex, my magic system just got weirder, and my plot, while still very much in the wet-cement stage of new plotness, just got a whole lot more – erm – plotty. Or something.

Anyway, this is all good. I just need to bookmark about a thousand sites and start categorizing then into complete-idiocy vs. possible-use , and then mosey on down the street about 200 feet to the public library and spend some time happily wandering the shelves.

Yes. I live 200 feet from the local library. And my apartment building, I had occasion to find out on Friday, is on the same power shunt as the fire station, which in a nutshell means that unlike about 3/4 of my town, I had lights and hot water this weekend. I solemnly vow  never to harbor an ill thought about those sirens at 3 in the a.m.

Anyway. Yay for unstuckedness!