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Just came back from the bookstore, where I have single-handedly boosted the publishing industry into the black, I swear. $65 on new, never-read-’em-before books. I’m actually excited for this surgery, not only because I’ve been promised a returned ability to eat dairy, raw fruit/veggies, bread, sugary goodness of all sorts and most importantly coffee, but because when the haze of percocet wears off enough for me to be coherent, I’m going to have a lovely stack of books to get through.

This is a luxury I’m not accustomed to. Ever since I started seriously writing, I’ve found it all but impossible to read more than, say, two books a week: there’s just no time if I don’t want to give up my four hours/day in front of the computer. To put this in perspective, I used to get through something like six books per week.

So. I got the next 2 books in Jennifer Rardin’s Jaz Parks series – the first of that series was my very first book-every-other-weekend pledge book, and I liked it, so I’m getting a few more. Then I got the third Julie Kenner book, Deja Demon (if you haven’t read Carpe Demon you should: demon hunting soccer mom with teenage daughter and toddler and politician husband takes on the forces of darkness – it’s hilarious), and fellow absolutewriter Stacia Kane’s Personal Demons, which I’ve heard lovely things about. And then a Forgotten Realms book I can’t remember the title or author of right now (it’s in the car), but the author is local and it came recommended by a Borders worker.

This Borders worker, by the by, hangs out in the SF/F section all the time and will question you for ten minutes on what you’re looking for/like before giving you quite a list to choose from, showing you where each book is, and discussing it in great detail. It’s occasionally a little distracting when I already know what I want (plus he likes plot-heavy fast-paced stuff, as do a lot of the guys I know, and I will err heavily on the side of character development every time) – but, distraction aside, I’m really hoping he’ll plug my book when it hits the shelves. He’s a very effective salesman; every time he catches me I buy something he suggested.

We should have more booksellers/bookstore workers like this. Is there a training camp somewhere? Well, there should be.

Surgery, here I come.