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(looks around, hoping family/friends/husband have found this blog.)

Saw a thread about this today on absolutewrite and it got me thinking – I always ask for clothes, or better yet gift cards to clothes stores, or, it generally being pretty damn cold in Maine by the time December rolls around, a new pair of boots or a fluffy new coat. If I ask for anything at all; I’ve gotten to that stage in life they call “adulthood”, apparently, because now when people ask what to get me for a birthday/holiday, I’m liable to say nothing, when what I mean is I could register at Bed Bath & Beyond and Borders in about five minutes if you think it would help, and I love ice cream cake.

Kind of a drag, this grownup stuff.

Anyway. Since I write – well, a lot, almost enough to call it a second full time job, and since this nice office chair leans back the way I want it to but is also probably the reason for the gajillion knots in my shoulders, and since I saw this lovely thread, I thought I’d list what I think are the 5 best practical gifts for writers. Please note the practical (another sad side effect of adulthood, I’m afraid), as this means I’m not including the $400 massaging office chair that I feel would solve every muscular problem I’ve ever had and might just bring about world peace in the process. No, we’ll keep it reasonable.

a heated footrest. Brilliant. This will seem silly if you live anywhere below Pennsylvania, but believe me I could use one here.

a chair pad massager. Again, pretty damn smart. And I can attest to the effectiveness of this brand in particular, because I spent the better part of an hour waiting at the pharmacy the other day for one stupid set of BC pills, and I have to say I wasn’t even pissed off when I finally got them. In fact I was slightly comatose, and I might have been moaning a little.

wrist wraps. Yes, I am aware they look silly, but try ’em on and see how much better your arms feel after several hours of typing. And deleting. And typing. You can set a trend. Just pretend it wasn’t done badly in the eighties and you’ll be fine.

this one pretty much speaks for itself. Hell, if there’s room get a little kitchen caddy and install it within arm’s reach of the computer, with a few mugs and a spoon or two. Heaven.

offer to beta (and mean it). No writer’s going to turn that one down, unless you’re an in-law.