I need new music. Yes, that’s right. Stop the presses: it’s an emergency.

Right now I’ve got Ludovico Einaudi playing in constant loop as I type – Divinire, Eden Roc, I Giorni, Le Onde – and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for something new, relatively unobtrusive to the creative process (not sure exactly what that means but damn, it sure does sound good)  and with a nice emotional charge to add some good old-fashioned angst to those dry scenes that need sprucing up.

Yes, I am a mood-writer. So what?

Quit looking at me like that. A lot of the writers I know have a soundtrack. We’re not crazy. (really, we’re not.) It does help; I meant it about the angst. Or passion, rage, apathy – whatever fits, there’s a song or an album or a whole genre of music that will help get you into the right frame of mind. Or, if you’re like me and write a really, really close third limited, get your character into the right frame of mind.

So…I need new music. I’ve memorized almost every note the the afore-mentioned CDs – worse, so has my husband, who is undoubtedly far sicker of them than I could possibly be, since they aren’t assisting his screwy creative process – and it’s just time. Adieu, my dear Einaudi, you were that best of combinations in a creative partner: emotionally charged yet unobtrusive. What girl could ask for more?

So. Suggestions? I place only a few limits: no country, no polka, and no words. They sneak into my sentences, the little bastards, and suddenly my high fantasy has Novocaine, black holes, and my MC is so hot because he’s in hell. It’s instrumental only for me.