I just thought I’d tell you all that. Nothing like knowing your gallbladder’s a big pretty balloon of bile waiting to pop, and really nothing like being very aware of its location and present size…I can practically see the damned thing outlined against my ribcage right now.


On the plus side, it is sort of cool to know where it is. And being in constant pain has done wonders for my writing, because, well, I’m incredibly weird like that. Drop by drop wisdom is distilled from pain and all. And hey – if I end up in the ER before the surgeons can find time to fit me in for a laproscopic whosamajiggy, then I suspect the insurance will cover me at 100% instead of 90% or 80% or whatever number that is that looks so great until the bill comes due.

Talk about the silver lining, right?

Ack. Dear merciful gods, I just want to be able to eat chocolate again. Is that so much to ask????