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Computer?  Check.

Closed door? Check.

Bunny slippers? Check.

Healthy snacky-type munchables? Definitely check.

Drink? Um…

No, I really don’t need one to write, I swear, but I’m certainly not averse to the occasional glass of wine/martini/weird-new-mixed-drink-I-had-to-try while pounding the keys. And if I can manage to sneak in a literary giant who may have had a few too many but who got my attention when I was but a sullen young lass trying to skip out of AP English, well – it’s not an opportunity a girl can just pass up.

Which is why I’ve dedicated a whole post to the Double Hemingway, no relation to the writer except the name – a drink that seems to be some odd, bastardized version of the good old Papa Doble, which Hemingway did in fact put on the map. (there. you didn’t know you were getting a history lesson, did you?) The Doble is, to put it mildly, bitter. Not the best accessory to a day of wrestling with a plot unless your MC is Nermal, in which case it may all balance out nicely. PBS posts the recipe on their site, and you’re welcome to it.  Have at and good luck.

No, I mean the drink I can’t even remember the provenance of, which goes something like:

2 parts spiced rum
1 part silver rum
2 parts orange juice
1 part pineapple juice
enough grenadine to turn it pink

Anybody but me heard of that? (that is, me and every bartender I’ve pestered in the last week). No?

Well, more for me.