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…and welcome to the purple patch. No, the website isn’t very purple, is it? And no, that is not the color I dye my hair – any of my hair, patches or whole-head, thankyouverymuch; nor do I have a bunch of those weird violet colored cabbages growing in my garden. I don’t even have a garden, sad to say. I live on the 2nd floor, and with the exception of invasive weedy-types, plants tend to die when I get too close, kind of like the cattle in Constantine when the guy with the spear walks through the field on his way to bring…

Anyway. I digress. I’m a wee bit short on sleep. 

Purple patch:

1) A period of excellent performance where nearly everything seems to go right, work properly, and contrasting with a more general level of lower performance.

2) An ornate or elaborate section of a written work, a patch of purple prose.

(and thank you, Wiki, for that definition)

…Funny how they go together like that. The best performance in the bunch vs. that adverbial thicket of melodrama and over-description in your WIP that makes everyone who reads it wonder which LOTR soundtrack you were blasting when you wrote it.

How does that work?

I wonder, I suppose, because I’m constantly bleaching the purple out of my own work. And usually, when I’m writing it and getting all up on my adjectives and shiznit, I think it’s bloody brilliant stuff.  The best performance in a lot of (hopefully) decent ones…except that I pasted three words all meaning “dark” in front of one relatively unimportant facial expression, spent a paragraph describing the sound of raindrops hitting the pale and dewy leaves of spring, and the crack of mood-enhancing thunder has drowned out my plotline. 

Which makes me think the juxtaposition of these two definitions is somebody’s idea of sarcasm.